Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with Axxiom Franchise Advisors? Can’t I go direct to the franchise companies?
The first step any individual considering business ownership must take is to determine the “W’s”. Why do YOU want to own a business? What will owning a business do for YOU and YOUR FAMILY? What are your goals from a lifestyle, business and financial perspective? The Axxiom Advisors will help you evaluate your goals, interests, investment ability, skills, needs and requirements; then they will match you with franchises that meet your criteria.

We may show you franchises that you would never have considered on your own; or if you did know about them, you may rule them out for the wrong reasons.

Yes, you can go directly to the franchise companies, but most will not spend time with you to make sure that you are buying the right franchise. It is the franchise salesman’s job to sell you their franchise.

How much is this going to cost me?
There is never a fee or an obligation to work with Axxiom Franchise Advisors.

The Axxiom Franchise Advisors work very much like a real estate agent that helps you purchase a home. The Axxiom Advisor will spend time helping to decide the right kind of business for you and then will introduce franchises matching your profile. If you decide to buy a franchise that Axxiom introduces to you, the franchise company pays us a pre-determined success fee but this fee never increases your total acquisition cost. Whether you use our professional services or not the investment cost is the same but you are without our counsel and guidance. This perhaps is the most compelling reason to work with us and help mitigate personal financial disasters by “going it alone”.

This is similar to the real estate agent that finds you the home, when you buy the home the real estate agent is paid by the seller – not you. In the case of Axxiom, the fees are paid by the franchise company.
Franchising is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, an agency of the federal government, and the franchise company can never charge you more because they paid a fee to Axxiom.

Why don’t you just give me a list of franchises you represent and I’ll tell you the ones in which I have interest?
You’re missing the point, we help you define your vision for the future, confirm your strengths and weaknesses and match you to the franchise business models where you’re most likely to achieve the success you desire. This would be a very ineffective and inefficient method of finding the ideal franchise for you. You wouldn’t know whether you qualify for a specific concept, whether it’s available in your desired market area, whether it met your personal, financial, and professional goals, and a host of other issues that would only add to the chaos of selecting a franchise.
What are the "hottest" franchises or business opportunities?
The International Franchise Association indicates that there are over 3800 franchise companies and they are spread over 75 industries. The question should not be what is hot, but what is right for me.

Hot concepts come and go, some are very good, some are not. Our experience helps guide you to the best opportunity. For example, when describing your lifestyle goals, you may have indicated that you want to buy a business allowing more time with your family. In the past, you missed coaching your son’s soccer team, or you weren’t available for your daughter’s dance recital. The “hot” franchise may be very demanding on your time and should not be a consideration.

Perhaps the “hot” new franchise is a new concept that has not proven itself. If you are not a risk taker, then you would be better off looking at a well-established franchise with a proven success record, but may not be considered “hot”.

Does Axxiom work with all franchises, and if not, aren't my options limited?
We find that most people that work with Axxiom Franchise Advisors actually expand their options. And, no, we do not work with all franchise companies. Axxiom carefully screens the franchise companies that we work with; not all companies pass our requirements. Also, there are major, well-known companies that do not work with franchise advisors.
Will I make a good franchisee?
To be a good franchisee, you first have to make sure that you find the right franchise. It is almost a guarantee if you select the wrong franchise, you will not be successful. If it is the wrong franchise you may not be satisfied or happy with your choice regardless of success. An unsuccessful, unsatisfied, or unhappy franchisee is generally not a good franchisee.

Therefore, before you buy, we will help you examine your skills, abilities and experiences. You must look at what will really be a successful franchise for you in relation to your lifestyle, financial and business goals.

Which is better for me a franchise or a business opportunity?
There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Your Axxiom Advisor will spend time explaining the advantages and disadvantages, and help you determine which concept would best for your overall goals.
Should I consult with people other than Axxiom?
Absolutely, buying a franchise is a major investment for most people. It is the type of investment that may be hard to recover from if you make the wrong decision. Therefore, it is imperative to get the advice of professionals before making your final decision. Consult with an attorney, preferably a franchise attorney that understands the intricacies of the franchise industry. You should also consult with a CPA or financial advisor.

Ask about our team of affiliates offering expertise in financial, accounting, legal, real estate, insurance and marketing.

How do I get started with Axxiom Franchise Advisors?
If you’re not already talking with an Axxiom Advisor, then go to the “Contact Us” page of this website and complete the form. An Axxiom Advisor will contact you within one business day.

No Obligation Consultation

No Obligation Consultation