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Bill Williams knows what it’s like to want to control your destiny by owning a business.  


He began his career as an officer in the United States Army where he served for several years and is a Vietnam veteran.   For more than 25 years, he was a senior executive with technology companies, responsible for training, support, operations and IT.   


After experiencing “his final corporate reorganization,” he became an adjunct career consultant with Right Management Associates, the firm who provided his outplacement services and realized he is, at heart, an entrepreneur.  


It was there that he discovered his passion to help others discover their full potential. “As a consultant, I helped them get past the anger and shock of being fired and see this as one of the greatest opportunities of their lives,” he says. “Often, they chose to ‘hire themselves’ and become business owners.” 


Bill also had aspirations to be his own boss. He wanted to run a business that capitalized on his wide ranging experience to help others realize their dreams. Research showed that the structure and track record of franchise businesses increased an owner’s success rate.  Since 2005, Bill has been a franchise consultant, building a solid track record assisting his clients choose the best possible match in a franchised business.   


As an Axxiom Franchise Advisor and a certified business coach, Bill can help you discover the best franchises for your unique skills and desires.  


“Genuine.”  “Seasoned and wise.” “Of the highest integrity.” “Respected and trusted.” “Caring.” “An excellent listener with your best interests at heart.” That’s how Bill’s colleagues and clients describe him. 


Bill has been married for 43 years, he and his wife have three adult children, all married, and two grandchildren.   He speaks and writes on career issues and has begun writing a book, “Golf as a Metaphor for Life”.   He is active in the Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Business Association and is developing programs to help military veterans enter franchise ownership.



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