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Financing Your Franchise

There are several financing options when considering investing in a franchise. You should speak directly with your financial advisors and weigh each option or combination of options very carefully.  Your Axxiom Advisor can point you to financial companies that work in the franchise community.  

Financing Options:    

·       Some franchise companies may provide in-house financing   

·      Home Equity financing options

o   Refinance  

o   Home Equity Line of Credit   

·       SBA Loans  

·       Unsecured Loans (Signature Loans)  

·       Peer-to-Peer Loans  

·       Use Retirement Funds without incurring penalties  

·       Family and friends


Talk with a qualified loan consultant to discuss all options before making any decisions.  If you currently need more than one option, or may at a later time, then it is important to know the potential repercussions of selecting one type over another. 

VetFran Program

Provides military veterans discounts; typically on the franchise fees.

MinorityFran Program

Provides minorities and women discounts; typically on the franchise fees.



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