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About Axxiom   

Axxiom Franchise Advisors, LLC was founded by proven entrepreneurs Bill King and Tom Redding. Bill and Tom have been in the franchise consulting and advisory business since 2003. They saw a void in the franchise consulting industry and formed Axxiom to bring proven business principles to an industry that is in its infancy.  

Axxiom Advisors provide people who want to own their own businesses the help and guidance to make the best buying decision. Axxiom has a national team of advisors who help prospective buyers develop a plan for finding the right franchise or business opportunity. The Axxiom Advisors help individuals decide the kind of opportunity that will fit their personal, business and financial goals. But, first they will work to develop those goals through a thorough interview process. After the goals are developed, the Axxiom Advisor will research franchise and business opportunities that fit those goals and present them for consideration. The Axxiom Advisor will help with the due diligence process, but the final decision is always the individuals to make. 

There is never a charge for the services of an Axxiom Advisor. There’s not a catch, the Axxiom Advisors do get paid; just not by you. It is very similar to a real estate agent that helps you buy a house. You don’t pay the real estate agent; the seller does. The Axxiom Advisor is paid by the franchise or business opportunity company when a qualified person, referred by the Advisor. buys one of the franchises that was presented for consideration. Whether an individual works with Axxiom Advisors to identify, investigate and buy a franchise, or decides to go directly to the franchisor; the franchise fees you pay are exactly the same. The difference is that the Axxiom Advisor has your best interest at heart.  Typically, the franchise company representative has only one goal and that is to sell you their franchise. 

All franchise and business opportunity companies are not created equally. The Axxiom Advisor will guide you through the overwhelming process of finding the best match for your personal, business and financial goals.  





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